7 Years Later...


About pages are not my forté. So I’m going to pretend this is an FAQ and answer the questions I’ve been asked so far:

  1. Is this Version 2.0 of the other blog? No. It’s a different animal altogether.
  2. What’s the other blog? The first rule of the other blog: we don’t talk about the other blog.
  3. Who is iCon? Some random Kenyan with a penchant for using words to scribe passive aggressive diatribes on socio-political matters.
  4. Are there any other writers? Not yet.
  5. Can I/my client advertise on the blog? Only if you’re honest and flexible. Email hello@dr.co.ke
  6. What does DR stand for? Dee Are. Seriously, it’s not an acronym. I promise. It’s just DR.
  7. Why did the chicken cross the road? I have it on credible authority that it was doing this to get to the other side. Whether that other side is life after death or the literal other side of the road is up for discussion.
  8. What is the blog about? It’s just a blog about Kenya, the world and its residents. Ultimately, I want to make it a place where we can turn discussion into action.
  9. Where can I reach you?  hello@dr.co.ke . @ItsJustDR on the tweets
  10. Why should I listen to/read/watch DR? Ehm. If you want to, you can. If you don’t, it’s cool.

While I’m at it, here’s a disclaimer some lawyers have insisted on me including:

The content of this website/blog (no matter how temporary) does not reflect the opinion of the family, friends, employers past, or employers present of the writer. It does contain personal opinions and views, and may not be desirable to those not sharing our the positions on addressed subjects. The administrators reserve the right to approve or reject comments posted here. The administrators are not liable for hosting related issues and are not in any way or fashion endorsed by any company or organization. Rakim is the best rapper alive.

That’s all folks.